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A fully-connected luggage that delivers a seamless and complete travel

experience for today’s modern and tech-savvy traveler. Pair your case with the

Heys Smart Luggage® app to experience the latest in travel tech.

The Heys Smart Luggage® is the world’s first connected luggage

powered by AAA batteries – not Lithium Ion.

It is check-in friendly and complies with all airline regulations.

Remotely lock or unlock your luggage’s built-in TSA lock

using your phone, for convenience and peace of mind

during your travels.

The ergonomic top carry-handle doubles as a digital scale.

Its built-in weight sensor tells you how much your packed bag weighs,

to help avoid those excess baggage fees. View the luggage weight conveniently

through the Heys Smart Luggage® app on your phone.

The proximity sensor alerts you when you’re a certain

distance away from your luggage. This will help keep

track of your luggage for you.

The Heys Smart Luggage® app

is available in 8 languages.

Download the Heys Smart Luggage® App Get Started! Questions?